Project 1051

ventilation and shingle repair.

Brad contacted us about a ice damming roof leak. Upon inspection we found that the roof had major ventilation problems where the humid air from the house was not being allowed to escape the attic space. this would then condense and freeze on the bottom of the roof deck. When the sun was hitting the roof, the frost would melt and leak into the house. The decking was becoming compromised and well as causing leaking.
We first removed the area where the decking had already rotted away. It was under a skylight as heat gets trapped there easily. New decking and shingles were installed as well as reflashing the skylight.
To resolve this issue, we removed the pod vents acting as the current exhaust ventilation and installed a continuous ridge vent that would allow a larger amount of air to escape.
We also noticed that above the vented aluminum soffit the old wood soffit had never been removed. The soffit needs to be ventilated to allow cold air to enter the attic space and keep the bottom of the roof deck cool. this will prevent frost build up and ice damming. We removed the wood soffit and installed vented aluminum soffit panels.
The vented soffit and ridge vent acts as a balanced roofing ventilation system. it is very important in a healthy roofing system.