Project 1106

low pitch roof

This customer contacted us to look at their porch roof which had been leaking for quite some time. Before we started the job, we knew there were quite a few unknown obstacles as the roof was in very bad shape. As the job progressed, it continued to surprise us. The entire roof deck needed to be torn off. The fascia boards, sub fascia and structural bracing needed to be replaced.
After all framing work had been completed, new sheeting was installed over the roof deck. We installed LIberty Commercial grade roll roofing. This consisted of a self adhered base sheet adhered directly to the decking material. The Granulated cap sheet was installed over the top of the base sheet. This system is not as susceptible to damage as other low pitch roof systems are. The roofing material was installed up the wall under the siding to flash properly. The end result is a very nice roof with the longevity to stand up to wisconsin weather.