Project 1303

Ventilation – Soffit ventilation/ridge vent.

The customer had condensation problems that were causing hot humid air to condense on the underside of the roof deck. During the cold weather, the condensation turned to frost and ice. This in turn would melt and cause leaking in the house. To fix this situation, we first had to install the proper ventilation system. We removed the old wooden solid soffit and installed vented aluminum soffit panels. This let cold air into the attic space. WE also installed proper vent chutes so the insulation would not restrict the flow of air.

We then removed the static pod vents and installed a continuous ridge vent to let the air exhaust out the peak. The lets the cold air continuously move under the roof deck. Any humid air that infiltrated the attic space was removed through proper venting. The next step was having the attic properly insulated to minimize the air infiltration from the house.